Our History

LIAV history

The decision to form a landscapers association was made at a meeting of interested parties on 21st July 1966. Although competitors, the group banded together to form the association with a primary purpose of differentiating themselves in the market and work towards better recognition for the industry and better wage rates.

The first official steering committee meeting of the then named Landscape Contractors Association was held on Monday 22nd August 1966.

Present:  Messrs.  Fitch (Chairman), D’Onofrio, Walker, Morris, Peacock

General discussion ensued as to the formation of the Association and what its main aims would be.  As a result of this discussion the following points were made:

Name – the name Landscape Contractors Association as agreed at the Foundation Meeting was confirmed.

Membership – Membership of the Association to be confined to anybody fully occupied as an employer or self-employed in the design, construction and maintenance of gardens.

First Executive Committee 1966:

  • Peter Fitch
  • Eric Hammond
  • Tom Garner
  • David Peacock
  • Don Weston
  • Guiseppe D’Onofrio
  • Bernhard Serazio
  • David Walker
  • William Head
  • Ian Morris (Secretary)

1966 – Annual Subscription $25.00

From these humble beginnings, the association and the industry has undergone significant change including name changes and membership growth but the original aims and passions for the industry remain true.