Who We Are

Paul Hamilton_Who We Are

Landscaping Victoria is a progressive association of committed professionals working in an exciting and expanding industry.

It comprises commercial and residential landscape contractors, landscape designers, students and educators, and landscape service and product suppliers.

In a multi-billion dollar industry they share the common goal of promoting the Association's standards of ‘Quality, Pride and Professionalism’. Over the last 50 years Landscaping Victoria has grown to be a strong force, with a growing public profile, the capacity to add huge value for its members, and the strength to effectively influence industry trends and standards.

Members of Landscaping Victoria Incorporated believe that the interests of the community at large can best be served through the observance of a Code of Ethics which recognises that community confidence in the landscaping industry is enhanced by:

  1. Honesty and Courtesy

  2. Skill and Competency

  3. Integrity for work and Industry

To further these aims, Landscaping Victoria members are expected to:

  • Enhance and foster professional and ethical practice in rendering services;
  • Maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity to clients, fellow members and the community;
  • Comply with all laws and regulations in the conduct of their business;
  • Encourage educational development and training at all times;
  • Encourage a spirit of harmony and co-operation between members;
  • Act in a manner which advances the standing of the industry in the community.

To view the full Landscaping Victoria constitution click here