Commercial Landscape Construction Over $500,000

Sponsored by: Plantmark

Winner: Australian Native Landscape Construction - Monash University - Clayton Project

Judge’s Comments:
"The Monash University Geology Garden showcases why Australian Native Landscapes are at the forefront of commercial landscaping.  The project was set out with meticulous care and this attention to detail is reflected in the choice of materials and the finished design.  The highlight is the key design driver and material of rocks.  They are the 'wow' factor of the space(s) and design.  The interpretation of geology and of the various types, provides another dimension.  This allows the created spaces to have their own unique experiences, in addition to the educational aspects of the garden.  An inspirational design which highlights the beauty of our natural geology."


Contact Information:

James Thomas (Director)


0417 330 008




Highly Commended: Naturform - Werribee Project

Tony Jackson